the perfect nude

Finding your perfect nude shade of lipstick can be a difficult challenge when there are so many options on the market today. I have found that there are a few tricks you can use when browsing through endless amounts of lipstick that can help you to find your most suitable shade!

One of the first things I find helpful when matching your lip is the consistency. Although matte lippies are all the rage in the beauty world today, I have found that lipsticks with a bit of shine or lipsticks with a balmy consistency have more morphing capability. This allows you to have a wider variety of lipsticks to choose from, as the lipsticks only enhance your natural lip shade.

Additionally, I have found that seeking out a lipstick with warmer undertones is helpful when finding a nude. No matter what skin tone you are attempting to match, avoiding gray undertones can help prevent an ashy or dull lip look.

Overall, finding your personal favorite is a completely individual experience. I have found these two criteria to be extremely helpful over the years in search for my favorite go-to lipstick. This Pat McGrath Lip Fetish Sheer Colour Balm in the shade “Blow Up” is one of my personal luxury favorites. This lipstick has the perfect amount of pigment to retain a sheer finish but boost my natural lip color. I will add a lip liner to elongate the wear time. Another favorite of mine is Mac’s Viva Glam Lustre Lipstick in the shade “Viva Glam V.” I have worked my way through 3 tubes of this product and still covet the shade. It glides on smoothly and has slightly more pigment than the McGrath lipstick. The wearability levels for both of these products are fabulous, with good payoff and no stickiness.