the essentials

Over the past few months of experimenting with essential oils, I have found that they can offer benefits beyond their pleasant aroma. I think it is important to note that benefits can vary from person to person, but there are several combinations of oils that have bettered my day to day!

To begin, I typically use my diffuser every day. I have found that I am attracted to the fresh smells of a lemon, orange, or tangerine mixture during the day. They smell bright and warm, and since they have such strong aromas, they can really knock out any kind of odor around the home.

When I am looking at the benefits I reap from using essential oils, I often use them as a natural remedy to help with congestion or dry skin. I have had struggles with eczema over the past several years and a lot of over the counter creams are not effective for me. Using a lavender or frankincense oil alongside your typical creams can help to speed up the healing process and give a little boost.

Additionally, when I am congested or have allergies, there are several mixtures of oils I run through my diffuser at night that aid me in feeling a little bit better when I wake up. I will often mix the Breathe & On Guard oils from Doterra, which are both potent mixtures that include eucalyptus and peppermint oils which can help naturally promote drainage.

Most people have different experiences with essential oils and it is difficult to claim they are a “one-stop” alternative in comparison with other methods of self-care. I have enjoyed discovering new benefits and I do think that if you have a curiosity for natural healing, they are worth a try!