the cherry on top

When going to the beach, there are a few essentials I simply cannot go without!

One of which is accessories! My latest favorite is this Hermes twilly- not only is the twilly a cute bracelet when tied around the wrist, but it can also double as a headband on a windy day. It is what I like to call functional fashion!

Additionally, when I go to the beach, my skin is always extremely dry after sunbathing and swimming in the ocean. As a result, I always reach for my “& other stories” body souffle and scrub duo. It is always important to exfoliate your skin daily to keep it healthy and clean, but I especially like to use an exfoliant after the surface of my skin is dehydrated by salt water. This scrub is great because a little can go a long way, it leaves my skin silky smooth, and it smells delicious. I have tried many scrubs along the way, and this one is my favorite. Further, I use the body souffle after I get out of the shower, and the combination of these two products really help to keep my skin healthy and radiant.

Lemon Daydream Body Scrub:

Lemon Daydream Body Souffle: