smart splurging

To have a balanced closet means to have a range of items, some being steals and others splurges. I find a sale rack to be just as important as a luxury boutique. Mixing price points and quality can be beneficial in saving a few bucks and maintaining an up to date closet.

One thing that I allow myself to splurge on is luxury, designer belts. A primary reason I spend my money on belts is versatility. Almost any outfit suits a belt and a luxury belt can elevate many styles of pants such as slacks to denim. Additionally, the reason I purchase any designer item is for quality but also for name, as names display the artful nature of leatherwork and design as well as create a sense of confidence in the consumer. A belt is something that is visible but not too showy.

Further, if you purchase a luxury belt, a concern may be maintaining waist size in order to utilize the belt for as long as you can. One upside to a good belt is that you can take it into the store and have more holes poked through the belt to maximize use even with fluctuating body size.