silk scarves & swimwear

Other than the typical uses of a silk scarf, wearing it around your neck, there are so many other creative ways to sport a silk scarf!

Currently, headscarves and wraps are all the rage and using a silk scarf as a headband is a great way to add color and pattern to any outfit! Depending on the size of the scarf, there are even creative knots and ties you can try to add a bit more uniqueness.

Further, a silk scarf can also be used as a wrap for your body. One great example is that you can utilize a silk scarf as a wrap or cover-up while wearing a swimsuit as it will cover some areas but will still work for the heat of summer! My favorite way to use mine as a coverup is to tie it at the waist in a knot and slide the knot to one hip so it creates a nice triangular shape. You can also tie separate ends around your neck or your upper body and wear it as a top!

Here are a variety of silk scarves to check out varying in price- My silk scarf is a staple in my closet because it is so versatile!

Kate Spade- $55.00

Versace- (Where I bought mine!) $99.00 from $350.00 at Saks Off Fifth