shades of pink

As a makeup junkie, I swear by my nudes. With muted pink blushes, cool toned bronzers, neutral highlighters, and nude mauve lips, I have always been cautious when leaving my comfort zone. But things have changed! Since spring is here, I have been experimenting with all different shades of pink!

My most used product in this photo is the High Beam highlighter by Benefit. Often times, I use my liquid highlighter under my face powder or foundation for added glow! I usually steer clear of a matte face, and this gives me moisture and natural shine! I love this product because it is easily blendable and it is bright enough to pop under other layers of makeup! I would suggest this product if you are new to using highlighter because it is hard to overdo it, and it does not highlight the pores.

Another product in this photo is the Givenchy Le Prisme Blush in shade Aficionado Peach. A few weeks ago, I was running laps in Sephora searching for a new blush. All I knew was that I wanted to try out a peach shade, as peach is all the rage these days! What stood out to me about this product was how soft it feels on the skin! Further, one of my favorite things about this product is how beautifully it blends with bronzer to provide a lifted look! Sidenote: Who couldn’t love this packaging!

Finally, I included my Dior Fluid Stick in shade Ciel Rose because it is easily one of the most pink lippies in my entire makeup collection, but nevertheless I am still in love with it! I love my Dior gloss because it is a non-sticky formula that is thin enough to feel comfortable, but thick enough for the incredible pigment! To see this shade on my lips, I am actually wearing it in my “spring fever” and “baby blues” photos!

Yes, I am aware some of these products are on the expensive side, but I can assure you with both of these products, I am getting an incredible product for what I paid for!


Dior Addict Fluid Stick in shade Ciel Rose

Givenchy Le Prisme Blush in shade Aficionado Peach

Benefit Liquid Highlighter in shade High Beam