protecting the loubs 101

Christian Louboutin pumps x2

For many, purchasing a pair of lacquer, red-bottomed Louboutin shoes is a height of luxury spending. The problem presented by the brand is that the shoes inevitably show wear as a result of the bottom. I have found a fool-proof way of maintaining the shiny sole over the past few years.

According to Harper’s Bazzar, the idea for the classic red bottom sole stemmed from one bottle of red nail lacquer. “Louboutin pinched his assistant’s red nail varnish and painted a swatch on the bottom of the then-black sole of the shoe. The designer fell in love with the result and from then on decided to create all of his shoes with a red lacquered sole,” said Katie Stow.

If you wear these shoes on the street bare, the paint will chip off. A few years ago, I was on the lookout for a protective layer that maintained the integrity of the sole and did not peel the paint off upon removal.

The answer: IPhone screen protectors. There are many options on the market today, but the kind that is most effective is one that is just a thin, stretchy layer, NOT the thin glass covers, which are a more modern form of the protector. You can cut the protectors to size and typically you would need 2-3 covers for maximum protection. Once the layer starts to wear, you can simply peel them off slowly and replace them.

My Louboutin Iriza’s are approaching 4 years of wear and tear and these covers have helped me to fully protect the soles. You can find the covers at Best Buy, Target, or a Drugstore.

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