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I am a huge makeup tutorial and review video junkie- which is ultimately why I purchased these three Jouer products! After watching review after review, I found that these products are great quality for a smaller than average price tag and I wanted to try them for myself.

Above I have the St. Tropez Lip Topper, The PCH High Pigment Gloss, and the Guava Long Wear Liquid Lipstick. What first drew me to the company was their unique products. Their Lip Topper was one of the first metallic glitter glosses on the market, and by the looks of tutorials, they looked beautiful on- alone or on top of your favorite lipstick.  Overall the consistency of the Lip Topper is a bit chunkier than I was anticipating, but I was impressed by the coverage it has. It also smells like cake..yum!  For a price point of $16.00, I think the cost of the product is a steal when compared to the quality of the product.

One of Jouers newest product, the High Pigment gloss is also another gloss I would recommend. The consistency and feel of the gloss are pretty standard, but the pigment and color range is amazing compared to competitors. The gloss is also buildable for either a sheerer or full coverage based on the amount applied!

Finally, my favorite product that I ordered was the Jouer liquid lipstick. What I love about this product is that the color I bought was metallic, and sometimes it can be difficult to find a metallic liquid lipstick that is light and isn’t patchy, but this one is stunning! I have tried so many different kinds of liquid lipstick, and this one is the lightest and thinnest one I own that is still pigment rich! This liquid lipstick is $18.00 which is around $2-$7 dollars cheaper than the average liquid lipstick so I find it to be a steal!

Here are the links for these products!

Long-Wear Lip Crème Liquid Lipstick

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