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Planner by Papier, Frames by Masunaga since 1905

Keeping an organized lifestyle can get hard. With everything in life going digital, often times I struggle to manage an online calendar– things slip through the cracks. This is why I like to keep a paper & pen planner. Not only is it an active habit that just makes you feel good, but it can help you to feel on top of things upping your productivity.

“I’ve always loved the simple act of putting pen to paper, from handwritten thank-you notes to manually crossing off items on a to-do list,” she says. “There is something so much more personal about the act of writing it out. I’ve also seen a shift in using [a planner] as more than just a calendar. It’s become a creative outlet.” said Leem Nsouli, an office supplies industry analyst, in an interview with the New York Times.

Over the years I have tried many different brands and dabbled in many unique planners, but this one is my favorite! The durability of a hard-back book with the convenience of a bookmark has been a plus to me. Often, planners have a stretchy closure you can use to keep the book shut and mark your page, but I have found those to be less effective. Additionally, the simplicity of this planner is key with plentiful space to write in all of your to-do’s. This planner specifically has several monthly layouts with sections to outline monthly goals, to-do lists, important dates, and a wishlist with lined paper and grid paper in the back of the book. I also enjoy that this planner is specifically made for one year. It does not start in August of 2019 and end in August of 2020, it just outlines January-December of 2020. This makes my inner detail-oriented and structured self jump for joy!

Finally, Papier has so many offerings for styles, prints, and customization. What is more wonderful than being able to make a planner look exactly how you want it to? The font selection and the ability to move the text around the cover and create something individual is a huge plus. The brand also offers a range of other paper goods such as notebooks and stationary.

With the world in chaos with a pandemic changing the course of the future, a planner is a perfect start to calming the storm of a new and uncertain lifestyle. This planner is perfect for me, and it may be perfect for you!

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