Growing up, I was always afraid of blush. I was either too worried I would overdo it and look like I had just gone on a two-hour run, or I did not really know how to use it. Only just recently have I learned to wear blush confidently with a naturalĀ and flushed cheek…

here’s how!

When I started buying blush, I used very pale and neutral colors. This helped the shade melt into the color of my shaping and contouring powders, and that is how I learned where to place the blush. Ultimately, I like to not only accentuate the apples of my cheeks when applying blush, but I like to sweep it all the way across my cheekbones to my hairline for a more natural and blended appearance. This will prevent harsh lines and a heavy pink cheek. Further, I learned that blush is used best when it’s buildable. I start by only using small amounts of the powder or liquid and gradually add more to achieve my goal look! This also prevents overdoing the rosy cheek look.

After experimenting with all different types and colors of blush, I came across this NARS liquid blush in shade “orgasm.” Although this shade has maintained a cult following for years, I have just now finally gotten my hands on the product and I love it! As this color is notoriously suiting for every skin tone, the product is also multi-use with a nice consistency. This specific color can be overwhelming at first because it is bright, it is ultimately best to build on the product rather than slather it on- a little bit goes a long way! When I use this blush, I barely use half of a pump of product. I enjoy this product because it blends so smoothly with other makeup on my skin to provide me with a naturally flushed look. I highly recommend this blush- get your hands on some before it sells out!