When it comes to swimsuits, I have quite the obsession! Moreover, I swear by Mikoh swimwear. When I first found my interest in swimwear, I spent hours searching online for the perfect swimsuit for me, and I stumbled across Mikoh, the most minimal and comfortable swimsuit ever!

Mikoh can have an odd size variety, but when you find the right size, the fit is great. The fabric is light, soft,  and quick-drying for overall comfort. In addition, Mikoh has great detail on their swimsuits, with small and thin strings holding the pieces together, and I absolutely love the design of the details and how functional they are.

Finally, Mikoh caught my eye because of their unique color schemes and fabrics. All of their swimsuits have unique and appealing colors and patterns that create both good quality appearance and a distinct style specific to the company.

You can find Mikoh Swimwear on their personal website, or on sites such as Shopbop and Revolve!