makeup brush starter set

Most beauty fanatics (like myself) have a large array of makeup brushes in their kits. Beyond tools such as blending sponges or tweezers, I find that there are only a select few that are important to have in order to execute a flawless face. If you are a beginner, minimalist, or are just looking to revamp your kit, I find this set of brushes to be the most versatile and useful.

I buy all of my brushes from Morphe as they are good quality for a good deal. You can also find other brands at stores such as Ulta, Sephora, or a local drugstore. You can even find brushes at low prices from TJMaxx. It is important to find brushes that are both soft but also durable, meaning shedding is minimal. If you are able to touch and feel the brushes before purchase, take the brush and swirl it in your hand for a minute or two to see if there is much shedding. Although this is not a tell-all, it can be helpful to make buying decisions!

To start, a big, fluffy brush is a useful brush for a beginner kit. Some fluffy brushes are rounded and some are flat-top, but either way, they help for compact and loose powder application. From translucent powder to a light layer of bronzer, a fluffy brush makes the process of sweeping powder over your face quick and effective. My powder brush is a Morphe E41 brush.

Next, a smaller fluffy angled brush is a good face makeup brush to have in your kit. These brushes can be used to contour and add blush to a look. The angle of the brush can help to carve out your cheek bone or other areas of your face with more precision. The angled brush I use is a Morphe E4 brush.

I also recommend adding a tapered, smaller fluffy brush to your kit. This brush allows for precision application with a blurring, perfecting result because of how soft the brush is. I use this brush for loose setting powder application under the eyes or in the t-zone. I also use a brush like this to set under my cheekbones to highlight and lift the area. Finally, the brush is also effective for placing shimmer highlighting powders to the high points of the face. The brush I use is a Morphe E48.

The last of the 6 brushes are used for eye makeup application. I like to have a bigger fluffy eyeshadow brush on hand for blending and buffing out eyeshadow in the crease. Whether it be a cream or powder eyeshadow, blending out the shadow can create a more natural or seamless look depending on color choice. A brush like this one can make any novice look like a makeup pro with the right techniques! Some of the fluffy blending brushes I use are Morphe E30, E22, and M433. (Pictured above is an E30).

Another eyeshadow brush that is important to have is a rounded tip flat eyeshadow brush. These brushes allow you to lay down eyeshadow exactly where you want to place it before you blend it in but it is also really useful when applying shimmer shades and even creating a cut-crease look. I use the Morphe M166.

Finally, I think it is integral to own an angled flat brush for brow products. If you do not use a pencil and you choose to use pomade or powder, this brush is a must. Further, it has a spooley on the end of the brush to help brush the brows and give them an orderly look but also helps to disperse product on the brow for a more natural finish. I use the Morphe M158.

These brushes are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to what is offered on the market. I just find these brushes to be my most-used and loved in my kit. I also think these brushes are a fabulous set for those who are new or inexperienced when it comes to makeup!