kkw x kylie

When I spotted the first advertisement for this liquid creme Kylie Cosmetics set, I had to have it! This collaboration with Kim Kardashian-West helped produce some of Kim’s most iconic nude lipstick shades for all to wear.

As you look at the photograph, all of the shades look quite similar, but once I tried them out, they all have unique undertones. From left to right, they range from a basic nude on the far left to a darker rose undertone on the far right. What I really liked about these lipsticks was the interesting formula. Although if you use these lipsticks sparingly they can look a little streaky, they felt so comfortable on the lips compared to the traditional Kylie Cosmetics matte lipstick. Further, the product can be layered and mixed with other products which is a huge plus for me- I love to experiment.

One downside to the liquid creme formula is that there is a lot of transfer going on once you apply the product. What this means is that if you take a sip of water out of a glass or give someone a nice ole kiss, the lipstick starts to fade away. This is common with cream or traditional lipstick and is to be expected, but something I had hoped would be less prominent with this specific lipstick.

Overall, I was extremely happy with my purchase! The cost of this set was $45.00, and I believe that is extremely reasonable because if the lipsticks were sold individually, they would cost around $11.00. Further, I am a sucker for nude lipsticks, and these exceeded my expectations especially in the color and texture realms. Now I am able to rock a classic Kim K nude with a happy wallet!