how to: cream bronzer


When it comes to the cold winter months I enjoy using a cream bronzer to maintain moisture in the skin all while adding a nice warmth to the face. There are many ways to utilize a cream bronzer such as blending it on before foundation, on top of your foundation to supplement a powder bronzer, or alone on top of a foundation. Further, there are many options for a cream bronzer on the market to give you several different effects.

The Anastasia Beverly Hills cream contour stick in the shade “fawn” is a cool toned tan that can be used to create the illusion of shadows on the skin. I typically use this product as a contour shade versus a bronzing product as it does have cool undertones. If you are looking for a product to enhance your cheekbones, create the illusion of a smaller forehead, or give you a more chiseled jawline, this is your product! When using this product, I prefer warming the product up on my hand before applying to the face or adding a few drops of face oil directly onto the stick to add a little more moisture as it can feel slightly dry upon direct application.

Another product I love is the Chanel Soleil Tan cream bronzer. One primary thing I love is the amount of product you get in the package. A little bit of this bronzer goes a long way. This bronzer has warmer undertones so it adds glow to your skin with a matte finish. I apply this product by dipping my beauty blender into the container and directly blending it into my skin. You could also use a foundation brush or even a concealer brush for a more precise application.

No matter which way you apply either of these products, it is important to layer and blend it out. Without taking enough time to blend, it is easy for a cream bronzer to slide around on the skin and give a patchy payoff. The benefit of a cream bronzer is a more natural finish and the preservation of a dewy look.