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Having naturally thin and unnaturally blonde hair makes finding suitable haircare a challenge for me. Sometimes products are too harsh or heavy and my hair is left a greasy mess only hours after using the product. These two products by Ouai Haircare are stand-outs to me when it comes to managing my hair.

First, the scalp and body scrub is a go-to for me. Not only can you use the scrub all over your body and it smells like heaven, but you can also use it for your scalp which I find incredible. The scrub doesn’t leave any unwanted residue in my hair and it does the job maintaining a moisturized and non-flakey scalp. Since I live in a dry climate this product ultimately works wonders for me.

Another product that I love by Ouai Haircare is the rose hair and body oil. I dominantly use this product on my hair and generally avoid using it on my body as there are other moisturizers I prefer. What I love about this product is how light it is. I will run it through the ends of my hair after a shower and my hair dries so much softer. I also avoid putting this product on at my roots as it would probably speed up the process of my hair getting greasy and dirty.

Just a disclaimer, everyone is different. Some things that work for me may not work for you! Beauty is personal. These are just two products I personally enjoy and if you have similar hair to mine, they may work for you too!


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  1. I cant get enough of this….I put it on before bed even…the scent is amazing

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