french-canadian drugstore finds

While I was in Canada, I was on a mission to find some of the most popular drugstore beauty products of the region- I was successful!

The first thing I came across was the Nuxe Multi-Purpose Dry Oil. This oil stood out to me because of the illuminating sheen it had to it. When I tried the oil, it applied really well and left my skin feeling moisturized, but not sticky or too oily. The product is soft and light on the skin without leaving behind a slick feeling. Another thing I liked was that it added illumination to my skin without leaving behind chunky glitter pieces everywhere. If you are looking for a dry oil with a slight glow that is great for summer, I recommend this one!

Additionally, I found the La Roche-Posay Melt-in-gel Self-tan. Having pale skin, I love trying out different kinds of self-tanner, and this one, in particular, stood out to me because it claims to be gentle on sensitive skin. When I tried it, it did not have any immediate coloration, which makes it a little tricky when applying because you cannot tell if your application is even. What I enjoyed was that it really did melt into my skin, and dried more quickly than an average tanning lotion. I would say the gel took about 20-30 minutes to dry completely. After a night of sleep, I noticed a subtle and close to one shade difference in my skin tone. I also didn’t notice any streaking. Overall, after one use, it was hard to tell that I had used a self-tanner. One plus side, was it didn’t irritate my skin, so the claims on the bottle were accurate in my case!  If you are looking for a buildable self-tan, this is your product! I feel like if you were to use this product consistently, it would provide a beautiful, natural tan.