favorites: beauty tools

Skincare is a passion of mine and beyond trying so many products and consistently updating my routine, I have found that tools that can be easily implemented into a routine and have really helped me to maintain clear, glowing skin.

My first tool that I bought were the hair styling clips. I use these daily! Not only are they effective when it comes to actually styling your hair or for makeup application, they are a perfect way to hold your hair back when doing your skincare routine. If you style your hair and follow that up with a skincare routine, the clips do not ruin the styling you have already done and are so easily used and accessible– and cheap!

Another tool I use every day is my Rose Quartz Roller from Herbivore. I use this tool after I apply a moisturizer or any kind of hydrating spray, which helps the product to settle into the skin without your hands absorbing the product. I keep my roller in a beauty fridge so it is chilled when I use it which can reduce inflammation. In addition, there are underlying benefits of using a roller such as improving skin elasticity, promoting lymphatic drainage, and improving skin tone. At first, I had my doubts, but once I started using my roller, my skin seriously looked bright and clear! I would recommend a Rose Quartz roller, although there are many other rollers made with other stones that serve other purposes.

Additionally, my newest addition is a Rose Quartz Gua Sha by Mount Lai. This tool has a long history of being used to drag it across your skin in improving your circulation. I also keep this tool in a beauty fridge and use it after applying serums. There are many purposes a Gua Sha can serve as it can be used all over your body, but the tool allows you to apply more pressure to the skin and really break up any blockage under the surface. My skin felt smooth and bouncy after a few uses so I am bound to continue! There are many instructional videos on the internet if you do choose to invest in the tool to help guide you in using it correctly and most effectively.

Finally, the most expensive tool of the lot is the Nurse Jamie Instant UpLift Roller. I use this tool on my body and my face as it serves a similar purpose to the Rose Quartz Roller. The small rubber dots on the roller grab onto the skin and provide a lifting and tightening effect. This tool has been all the rage in the market today and it helps many to alleviate puffiness and brighten under eyes. I enjoy this product because it has versatility and after consistent use, there are notable long term changes.

Overall, these are some tools I would recommend if you are looking to find natural ways to better your routine! They are all so easy and mindless when you have the tools on hand but can maximize your products!