top notch

Having extremely fair skin, beach trips can be a little bit painful- thanks, sunburn! No matter how much sunscreen I use, sometimes I come to discover at the end of a long day that I am burned. This usually causes so much discomfort, which is ultimately why I reach for my loose clothing, or in this case, this lovely jumpsuit.

Since I often do not vacation at the beach, I tend to forget that I need to pack specific things for the circumstance. One thing I usually forget is the comfy and loose clothes in preparation for the heat and irritation of sunburn. Even the straps of a tank or the waist band of a pair of jeans can be the most uncomfortable feeling in the world!

Just some OTS advice for the readers that travel or have an upcoming vacation- bring your comfy and soft clothes! This Anthropologie jumpsuit was my best outfit there! Anthro is also having a huge sale right now, so if you want your own go check it out!