black and blue

This shoot represents my rendition of a casual “t-shirt and jeans” look. Lately, I have gotten into wearing a lot of black with an accent piece, which in this case would be my Celine platform sandals. My entire outfit is composed of clothes from Uniqlo, a Japanese store that carries good quality basics! My jeans are the perfect fit, as they stretch to fit my body, but don’t stretch too much and become loose on my waist and legs! That alone is a huge selling point for me when it comes to jeans, and as a result I currently own three pairs of them in different styles!

Finally, can I rave about my new Celine platforms, because I am OBSESSED with them! They are extremely unique as the pattern on the top is a navy and black houndstooth, with a patent leather strap. Also, these shoes are super comfortable, the sole molds to your foot, and even though they have a substantial heel, it feels as though you are walking on a flat sandal! I am not one to splurge a ton, but I found these shoes on a huge sale and got extremely lucky! As a result, I wear these with anything and everything!