By now I am sure you have noticed that I frequent the “off-the-shoulders” neckline. This is mainly because the neckline is one of several suiting pieces for broad shoulders. I love how broad my shoulders are and off-the-shoulder tops highlight my figure alongside my collarbones. Another neckline to look for when trying to enhance the appearance of broad shoulders are the Boat Neck. This neckline stretches from the top of one shoulder to another which may create the illusion that your shoulders are even broader!

When trying to create an even and proportionate shape, the halter style top is a good choice. The halter top mainly attracts attention away from shoulders and more towards the waistline, creating a balanced look that makes broad shoulders appear smaller. Additionally, the versatile Crew Neck can also create the illusion of more narrow shoulders and flatter almost everyone!

Regardless of whether or not something is “flattering,” always wear something that makes you feel comfortable and confident!

With all of that being said, a pair of statement earrings fit any neckline. I am loving these beaded white tassel earrings from Anthropologie! They even come in seven colors- I will link them below.